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Tuning eines 12N10P 4035 "Tarot"

© Dr. Ralph Okon 05.10.2021

Tarot 4035 was made by Egodrift for "Tarot Helicopters" as low budget drive.
MHM-Modellbau sold it for only 125€.

Motor has 1090/V - to much for the needs of his owner..
So he sent it to me for rewinding to about 500-550/V.
For my guess it's same hardware as "Egodrift" 4035 HS (also written on the can) but another kind of winding and back-end design.

They have a datasheet on their website.
Seems, they forgot to cut off the headline - japanese signs almost no european can read....
The inner bearing is removed.
Stator is removed from the holdertube. was easy to do, because of there is no screw-prevention built in.
The original winding was 3+2 turns of 16 strands of 0,38mm (0,35mm copper) wire switched in delta. It was glued only a bit but still easy to remove.
Last step before the winding process ist the calculation of turns and wire thickness. for 1090/V there have been 3+2 =5 Turns on each group.
so 5+5 = 10 Turns per goup will give about 545/V.
6+5 =11 turns will give 495/V.
If I change from D to YY I will need 2 /1,73 = 1,15 = 15% more turns per group.
6+6 = 12 turns will give about 525/V and will be in the middle of the targeted range of the owner.
this number of turns fits well with the results out of Hacker or Axi or Align rewinds of the same stator size.

About wire thickness: To stay with the factory copper filling there is needed the same square as 5x (16x 0,35mm²) have.
the used 80 wires per slot fill it with about 7,7mm² of copper.
In the new winding I will have 12 wires/slot.
so each of them should have 7,7 /12 mm² square.
so I need 0,91mm wire diameter to stay with the factory filling.
But hereby someone has to consider, that this special motor was made special for "Tarot" and had to stay within low budget!

the shape is visible now.
To prevent problems with the small damages in the pouder insulation I have glued on milled thin glass endplates over night. These plates what I just have used for Hacker Tournado or Align 700MX or Axi or Scorpion fit well, because of the used shape is very similar to these motors. the small differences I have corrected with the file.

Calculation of needed wire lenghts: Each wire needs the lenght for 12 turns, the input wires and the star point. Stack height is 35mm. So I need 35+6+35+6 = 87mm for every turn. the pure winding lenght is 105 cm per group wire. I add 15cm for intake and 10cm for the starpoints. So I will cut 6 wires of 130cm lenght from my roll. Then I can do the winding.

A one tooth test winding with 1,18mm wire to confirm the calculated wire lenght in made.
There is still a lot of room in winding, but enough for the target is enough.
On the other hand this winding has very good cooling conditions.
Maximum 6+6x1,5YY would be possible I think, but this is only needed for speeding use.

All turns are winded and the 1000V insulation test was succesfull.
funny: the copperfilling is almost 170% of the original tarot winding now but the package still looks empty for my guess.
The 4035 hs motor winded by egodrift is 319$.
so the winding is 319-about 80$ for the Tarot.
I think, over 230$ less for a self made winding could be interesting for those, who need such motor.
wires are provisional switched for showing the YY connection after winding the wire in equal 2-teeth groups.
step by pls. look here
Starpoints wires are insulated and ready for switching.
All wires are switched and the stator is mounted on the holder again.
There is enough room for a clean YY termination under the statorpackage.
I was told, that someone can get the motor cheaper, than I thought: https://imall.com/product/Tarot-RC-4...44-38633595/en for such price I think the used hardware is a good base for rewinding experiments.